3 Ways That Failed to Solve the Obesity Epidemic

3 Ways That Failed to Solve the Obesity Epidemic

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Obesity Outbreak Solution 3 Fails

Obesity Outbreak Solution,Two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese. That means you’ll be overweight or obese more than six people when you go to the mall for every ten people. unbelievable! This number is increasing. Soon, seven out of ten people will be overweight or obese. The fact that adults in our society are overweight and obese is more confirmed than in a healthy weight range. But not objective adults. Obesity is also increasing in children. The health problems that these children face and will continue to face with their future are a suitable tragedy. Obesity Outbreak Solution

What Obesity Causes Obesity?

Of course, pickle identified by obesity is the cause of major health problems. Obesity greatly increases the risk of serious illnesses such as Type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and psychological illnesses such as family withdrawals. Obesity Outbreak Solution

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, stated that obesity would soon use tobacco as a preventable cause of death. The Harvard School of Public Health has discovered that one-third of all cancers are caused by nutritional problems, mostly obesity. It was also observed that obesity would soon be responsible for more cancer than smoking. Obesity Outbreak Solution

Sad truth !

In 100 years, it is no exaggeration that people will now seek courage and talk about the obesity epidemic and how history has destroyed more people than any epidemic. Outbreaks such as shady plague and AIDS will be faint compared to the damage caused by obesity.

We know it’s not simple to fight bruises. We know there’s no magic diet that works for everyone. If there was a magic diet or pill, there would be no epidemic. There is no isolated retort (such as a single diet, a single pill, a single routine consuming, a single self-help band) to combat chunks because fighting the plump is a very complicated dead end. Obesity Outbreak Solution

They’re exploiting hope!

He did two things to fight ugly with a single diet, a single pill, a single use routine, a single self-help band and surgery. First, it did not result in permanent weight loss, and secondly, it made many people very rich.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent by consumers to find the solution to fighting against meat. Unfortunately, the only thing really purchased is the equivalent of a wound band to address a lead shortage. They are superficial corrections that do not attack the point in the root and therefore offer either temporary corrections or no corrections. These are not deep observations. All you have to do is see the handshake, then look at the solutions offered and used and follow the results so far.

Step by Step

Let’s go under the hand first. Obesity is an outbreak that will be responsible for more deaths than other death causes that can be prevented every year. This epidemic has been growing like a forest fire for the last two decades and continues to grow without any damage to the survey.

Then, we will search for the three most famous solutions offered and used to correct the dilemma. The first of these is Fad Diets. Here is a short list of fad diets you may have heard of: cabbage diet, grapefruit diet, healthy diet, Atkins diet, 3-day diet, 7-day diet, 30-day diet, chocolate diet, fruit juice diet, inappropriate large diet. South Beach diet, a negative calorie diet, six times a day diet, a fit meal diet, Hollywood diet, Region, Sugar Busters, Carbohydrate Addicts, Sugar Addicts, Jenny Craig. Phil, metabolism diet, protein strength, glycemic index diet, fast food diet, foreign diet and so on. Obesity Outbreak Solution

The second celebrated diagram presented to correct the obesity epidemic drugs, a.k.a. There are two drug classes. It is always known as the very popular All Natural remedies and medication produced with the production of popular drugs. Obesity Outbreak Solution

The third plan proposed to correct the obesity outbreak is with operations such as liposuction and gastric bypass.

Now look at the results. Fad will open with diets. Fad diets usually cause initial weight loss, followed by a cycle of disappointment, loss of motivation and weight gain. Diet plans do not include how to change behavior, so they fail. In order for an individual to lose weight permanently, they must change the “mind frame Bir. These pale diets do not do this.

What about the drugs?

All natural pills, beverages, powders, etc. Let’s start with. In the last 10 years, one of the biggest monetization strategies in marketing strategies has been to keep the word iler All Natural en on everything. For some crazy reasons, people are judging this purpose because something is not only bad but also true for you. In addition, in order for this marketing technique to be truly effective, it must attack everything else as a light chemical. You hear it all the time, do not affect these chemicals, but consume it instead.Obesity Outbreak Solution

First of all, everything is a chemical!

Have you all tried the dihydrogen oxide? Dihydrogen oxide does not sound like a serious chemical foaming. His favorite name is water. Water is obtained when 2 hydrogen atoms are chemically bound to an oxygen atom – H2O. Life cannot exist without water. However, if you drink remarkable water, you will die of water toxicity. Of course water can be toxic. Everything can be toxic and everything is a chemical.

Arsenic, plutonium, mercury or lead? Why not, it’s all natural. Each is a basic element in nature. If you are really keen on getting some arsenic, you can collect it in apple seeds. Do you know how many deadly poison are produced in nature by plants? Most of your backyards are ruining them. Obesity Outbreak Solution

As a result?

 it is frantic and insecure to think that something spectacular for you and that it can be naturally found that you are not prejudiced. Don’t let the All Natural marketing tactic convince you! You know what I said about all the natural diet pills and all the other Natural Products supported by the remarkable multi-billion dollar health industry – it means that the buyer is paying attention.

Facts Are Pain, But 🙁

 The mechanism of most diet pills is that they usually carry some stimulants that are the invention of a caffeine. For example, guarana is a very famous component in many dietary supplements. Guarana is a climbing facility leading to Brazil, which produces about three times caffeine as typical coffee beans. As a result, all of the guarana is natura and the stimulant contains caffeine. They have names of caffeine. When it is found in Guarana, it is called guaranine. In Yerba mate plant, it is called matein and the approved tea leaves are called caffeine tine. All are synonymous with the same chemical compound. All of these different names enable marketers to show that they are honest about their products believing in an honest caffeine or caffeine metabolite. Obesity Outbreak Solution

In general, stimulants increase your metabolism, which causes you to burn more calories. Stimulants also raise your blood pressure, irritate your nervous system, cause your heart to work harder and stress your cardiovascular system. In addition, over time your body will show tolerance to the stimulus and the same design will accumulate the same effects to increase the amount received. As you can imagine, this can be very dangerous. Ah, according to the design, there is another plant leaf that increases your metabolism and contains a completely natural stimulant that helps you burn calories. Cocaine. Do you understand my opinion? Obesity Outbreak Solution

Are pharmaceutical pills produced better?

 Since weight loss is a sector of billions of dollars, everyone wants to be hot. giant pharmaceutical companies are not different. They have enormous budgets devoted to weight loss research and development. Their aim is to collect a chemical that can be taken by overweight and obese people, resulting in weight loss. Obesity Outbreak Solution

The process of accepting such a chemical begins with research on laboratory animals, such as mice.

If they obtain a chemical that shows certain results without causing a significant injury to the animals, they pass to the next stage, which is a human experiment. Initially, chemical light volunteer groups or paid participants will be tested. If these early experiments are promised, the studies grow even more. Over time and a large number of investigations, if the chemical is shown to be effective – statistically – and undetectable – for reasons – it will be deemed to be original and effective to consume the chemical by the general public. It will then be marketed, prescribed and sold.

All of this sounds logical, but that doesn’t cause an obesity epidemic. Studies have shown a relatively microscopic pattern of shrimp in the population. There is no prejudice, because there are certain conclusions and there are no false side effects for this relatively limited segment of the population, which does not mean that it will be quite large and healthy for the society. Everyone is physiologically and genetically different. There is a lot of difference between people in the general population for a drug to be superior and effective for everyone.

Have you ever heard of Fen-Phen?

 Fen-Phen is the treatment of Fenfluramine and Dexfenfluramine combination of two drugs designed and delivered as an effective and honorable weight loss medication. It was not long before the emergence of physiological disagreement between the population and the FDA was bombarded with reports that Fen-Phen caused heart valve disease. The final result, Fen-Phen was taken from the market, the mammoth case was opened, people were physically damaged, and the epidemic of obesity was collected.


Third attempt to cure obesity epidemic, surgeries such as liposuction and gastric bypass. Liposuction is an operation where the volume is absorbed from the skin under the skin. This sounds like ice, except for the fact that it is not a permanent solution. As soon as the individual begins to take more energy than old-fashioned, their bodies begin to take fresh ugly cells into the brand to store the excess energy very efficiently. In other words, this esi solution bu will not last long if the eating behavior that brings them to this point in the region continues after the operation.

Liposuction is only a temporary solution. Remember

Gastric Bypass is an inappropriate procedure that directs and redirects some parts of your digestive tract to physically limit and physically limit the amount of food that can be consumed and absorbed. This operation is ugly, painful and very risky because many people die from surgery. If the surgery is successful, the individual usually loses weight. They lose weight because they are physically sensitive to what they can eat. If they make too much food, they usually vomit, which means eating more than a few tablespoons at a time. Obesity Outbreak Solution

A resulting jam is the difficulty of regaining the pleasant nutrient absorption. In addition, what happens is that, through force-feeding, the digestive system grows to accommodate larger and larger amounts of food. Before it takes too long, these individuals can eat as important as they have in the past, and this means gaining all weight incentives. Gastric bypass is not a permanent solution on its own.

What is approved in all these Tüm Solutions Tüm?

They are all quickly fixed, someone who is trying to lose weight must be very concerned, someone else earns money and is not effective in permanent weight loss.

To be fair, the solution to any deadlock that is quickly corrected and requires distress is never a permanent solution. Once again, there is nothing deeply observed here.

What is being done by Government and Schools?

The rate of obesity in the history of human existence has never increased more than in the past two decades. Of course, the exact question is – Why? Legal answer, not a single reason. I would like to draw attention to some important reasons.

In September 2007, Scientific American’s NYU professor Marion Nestle drew attention to the cause of political obesity. In 1980, the Reagan administration stated that the industry’s liberalization had freed agricultural production. This encouraged farmers to produce more food. In the United States, calories per capita rose to 3,900 in 20 days from 3,200 a day in 1980. This is the contrast of 700 calories available in the US per capita food supply. Obesity Outbreak Solution

Let’s do this in perspective. If you get 500 calories per day when everything remains stable, you will lose 1 kilo of beef each week. Based on this, if you consume 700 extra calories a day for a year, you will get 73 pounds. Now most people don’t have that considerable weight in a year, because there are many variables that need to be included, but you have gained the opinion that this political draw is on the obesity epidemic.

This has caused one of the most critical causes of obesity – increased share size!

Professor Nestle also revealed: The emergence of the shareholder value movement on Wall Street in the early 1980s was also determined. Shareholders have forced their short-term return on investment to grow their food companies in a market that currently contains excess calories. Food companies responded by searching for the latest sales and marketing opportunities. They have encouraged formerly abandoned practices, which previously changed social norms, such as snacking in meals, eating out in books and clothing stores, and serving larger portions. v

There are food that attracts so much attention that food establishments, such as restaurants, use large fractional dimensions as a marketing tool. We are conditioned and familiar with this wide range of food items. As a result, these sections are very much remarkable. Unfortunately, there are literally people who are starving from all over the world, and yet it is said that there is an excess of food. The uncertainty of hunger in the world is not enough food production. The dilemma is the distribution of food. It is a quandary of economic and logistics.

Let’s talk about the Food Guide Pyramid, as we are in the government.

The Nutrition Guide Pyramid, developed in 1991, has sworn the government to educate people about a balanced and healthy diet. The government department responsible for the creation of the Food Guide Pyramid is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). First of all, don’t you think there is a more elegant branch of government to decide what a healthy diet is – like medicine or health? You know, a branch with highly acceptable individuals to talk about medicine and health. When I want to know how to plant corn, when I don’t want to know which diet will keep me healthy, I will call the Ministry of Agriculture.

Walter Willett, the head of the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition, says the government’s pyramid is pir shaky on scientific grounds başkan and too flawed. Dr. Willett bases his response on the best science and controlled work we have today. And when the government was asked a question about the food pyramid position on fat, protein, dairy and carbohydrates, Willett said that none of them were legal and did not synchronize with scientific evidence that the pyramid should be almost completely disassembled and rebuilt. scratch

Why is the Ministry of Agriculture doing this?

If you see the Pyramid of the Food Guide, you consider that individuals recommend the majority of their daily calories to be collected from agricultural products such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. Yes, it is a self-serving guide that benefits the lobbying groups such as the US Potato Board and other farming interest groups. It’s not about a conspiracy theory, but it’s about simply putting pockets and serving political agendas. brunette, but fair. Obesity Outbreak Solution

In 2005, the government published an updated version of the pyramid called the Pyramid. It is more uncertain and therefore less likely to be directly attacked. The only thing you need to know about the unique pyramid is that it is quiet separated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Are our schools doing a better job?

Basics – Let’s open school meals. Read the following guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture in relation to school lunches. Then you might think who is the best. I believe this will attract the attention of our children.

This is a whimper from the US Department of Agriculture. In general, public or nonprofit private schools with high school degrees or under, and public or non-profit private housing childcare institutions can participate in the school lunch program. The school districts and independent schools, which decided to purchase a part in the lunch program, received cash subsidies and donations from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for each meal they supported. On the other hand, they should wait for lunch that meets Federal requirements. In addition to cash reimbursement, schools have the right to receive commodity foods called leri entitlement ”foods by law. In addition, schools may collect an bonus “goods because they can be obtained from excess agricultural stocks. School food authorities can also be reimbursed for snacks that are served to children from the age of 18 in their after-school training or enrichment programs. US Department of Agriculture. Obesity Outbreak Solution

Another unforgivable movement carried out by schools is the strategic placement and availability of vending machines. These vending machines are filled with soda, sugar, caffeine and sugar-laden energy drinks, chips and cakes. Food and vending companies declare that they place their machines in the cafeteria, halls or even in the gym. Companies are getting money, the school is getting money, and kids are overweight and unhealthy bags.

However, perhaps the most basic action is the reduction / elimination of physical activity in the curriculum. Physical education and breathing are lost. Child obesity, diabetes in children, hypertension in children and unrest in children increase. You do not need a medical history to witness the connection here. He has more neutral observation and the most liking. Obesity Outbreak Solution

As a first-year and second-year university professor, I know first-hand that our students are prepared after leaving high school. I will not discuss mathematics and writing skills, but I will draw attention to the lack of real-world preparation of these students. As a result, our secondary education system is dropping the ball when the world is fully prepared. This includes: when you write a resume and discuss for a business, view different mortgage types and other basic information when buying a house, view contracts such as lease contracts, credit cards, bank loans, car loans and credit scores, view, view, leverage, and money investment; considered the importance of basic health care, such as stocks and reliable properties, regular dental and doctor visits, regular self breast and testicular examinations, grasped the basics of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, planned health problems related to obesity, and the importance of food labels and service concept of how to read.

This list can go on and on.

From the above list, if you are properly trained, I can guarantee that the following tragedies will be limited: the US Explosion Boom in 2008, the major credit card debt and, of course, the 21st century obesity epidemic.

H. G. Wells said that the history of mankind is accelerating faster between education and disaster. I don’t like to say it, but I think our education system is losing. We need change! If we defeat this epidemic, we need to open it by doing different things. We can’t attack this quandary because it obviously doesn’t work.